Hello World!
I'm Jonathan Xu.
a Computer Science major at UCLA, focused on dreaming up and bringing to life, projects with impact.

"There are no traffic jams on the extra mile" ― Zig Ziglar
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Hello! I'm Jonathan, a Computer Science major at UCLA. This past summer, I've been working at Google Cloud. Specifically, I've been working cross-functionally with other teams to instantiate CMEK-compliant encrypted SQL databases for Generative AI applications. I've also been working with Map-Reduce frameworks to optimize the performance of Big Data applications!
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Last year at Google Ads, I worked on serving real-time advertisements to millions of users every second! Prior to Google, I created Machine Learning algorithms for LiDAR sensor calibration at Cepton, to be used with self-driving cars.

Right now, I'm researching with using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to parse instructions for administering medication, under Dr. Zhou and Dr. Korf!
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Outside of work, I love hiking and exploring the great outdoors! Furthermore, I love meeting new people and learning something new!

I'm currently seeking a full-time role starting Summer 2024, so if I sound like a great match for your team, let's get in touch!

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San Francisco Bay Area, CA.

GitHub: @ViciousCupcake

Email: [FirstNameLastName]@ucla.edu

Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/xujonathan

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